......our rural environment provides safety and tranquillity
               to restore harmony and humanness to persons affected by this illness

Welcome to "A Way Out" !

Looking for affordable alcohol & drug rehabilitation centres?

Start the road to recovery. Many types of drug rehabilitation exist, but here at A Way Out we're more than just a drug rehab centre - we work to restore the balance of mind and body; we're an addiction treatment centre that's committed to providing patients with the guidance and support they need to rebuild their lives.

We don't just treat the addiction. We address the full needs of our patients, and work closely with them though each stage of recovery.

Treat addiction now - how can we help?

Choosing the right drug rehabilitation centre is an important first step in your recovery, and the care and support offered by drug rehab programs is instrumental in overcoming your struggles and beating addition.

Find a treatment that works for you. Here at A Way Out we understand that what works for one patient isn't necessarily appropriate for all our patients, and with a highly personalised approach we utilise multidisciplinary treatment therapies to achieve a full and lasting recovery.

It's through combining these medical and psychological treatments that we're able to provide a complete and ongoing holistic procedure, and though our specially tailored and expertly administered treatment plans, and through our teamwork, that we restore family and personal relationships, and rebuild self-worth and trust.

Our treatment centre

Based in Cape Town, nor far from the Berg River, our peaceful rural environment is conducive to the development of both physical and emotional wellbeing, and our comfortable rooms (many of which are en suite) offer peace and space - the perfect environments for promoting tranquility and increasing mindfulness.

Our highly-qualified team are dedicated to delivering a high standard of care, and are passionate about the work they do in helping people fight and overcome their addictions.

Find A Way Out. We're here to help, so contact us on ++27 (0)21 864 3773. Receive the treatment you need and find the help you need to start rebuilding your life.


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"A Way Out Addiction Treatment Centre"shows its true colours and is proud to be awarded membership of the "The Referral Agents' Federation" in the United Kingdom

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"A Way Out Addiction Treatment Centre" is proud to be a member of the the "Board of Health Care Funders"


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